As part of Project Involve, Film Independent’s signature diversity program, AMERICAN BODIES is committed to diversity and wage equity behind and in front of the camera.

when you support american bodies, you support:

  • Female filmmakers

  • Diversity in the director’s chair

  • Diversity in front of the camera

  • Fair and equitable wages for all cast and crew

  • Diversity in casting

  • A female writer/director and producers

  • An all female, all Asian cast



According to an annual Annenberg Institute study on diversity in Hollywood:

As of 2017, only 31.8% of speaking roles are female and only 33% featured a female lead or co-lead.

American Bodies features female leads and an all female cast.

Women 40 or older only accounted for 24.6% of the women counted.

American Bodies features two female roles over 40 and is committed to age-appropriate casting for those roles.

Only 7.3% of directors counted were women. Between 2007 and 2017, only 43 women directed films among 1,100 studied, and just four were women of color, all of them mixed race.

American Bodies is directed by an Asian American woman.

According to a separate study by UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies:

Only 13.8 percent of film writers are women.

American Bodies is written by an Asian American woman.

For on-camera roles, Asian accounted for only 3.1 percent of speaking roles in both broadcast and cable television.

American Bodies features an all Asian cast.