It’s a routine day for the women working inside the shipping and packaging facility at the American Bodies Manufactory in Chengdu, China… until an unexpected delivery reveals an awful truth. AMERICAN BODIES is a dark and surreal workplace comedy about our jobs, our bodies, our identities, and who owns what in the larger scheme of things.


Mission Statement


AMERICAN BODIES follows a group of Asian women working in a Chinese factory making products for American consumption. They are cogs in a farflung industrial machine, serving Western appetites in an act of savage and absurd capitalism. A dark and surreal satire based on something all too real, AMERICAN BODIES is about how little control we have over our own lives when corporate systems are designed to disempower us.

Another system we as filmmakers are necessarily a part of is the film industry, one where representation in front of and behind the camera is a chronic problem. As part of Project Involve, Film Independent’s signature diversity program, AMERICAN BODIES is committed to supporting the minority filmmaking community, through diverse hires for all roles and fair and equitable wages for our cast and crew.


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American Bodies is supported by Film Independent, a non-profit organization with the mission of championing creative independence in visual storytelling and supporting a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision.

PROJECT INVOLVE is Film Independent’s signature program, now in its 26th year, supporting filmmakers from typically underrepresented communities. This year’s Shorts Lead Funder for Project Involve is HBO.